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Release 2.3.2 and Bugzilla Entries ..

Sven Gothel
Dear All,

updated release wiki page for 2.3.2:


- Notice the target release date of 2015-10-04,
  which is now being considered the worst case scenario.

- Testing the current RC builds is crucial, thank you!

  Please report any critical bugs ASAP!!!

- Next version will be 2.4.0, i.e. indicating API changes!


  Since 2.4.0 is quite ambitious (-> features),
  it may take a while until it is released.

  We have to contemplate whether we a
  intermediate bug-fix-release 2.3.3 will be required,
  while we like to avoid this extra work.
  Hence - see above - test current RC builds!!!

- Before any remaining features are resolved,
  the bugs have to be resolved.

- All bugs for >= 2.3.2 are now properly versioned

- Wiki release pages for >= 2.3.2 are now using generic queries
  w/o bug id fiddling ..

- Bugs now require to set the field 'Type'

Cheers, Sven

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