Release v2.0-rc6 (v2.0-rc7 will followup soon)

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Release v2.0-rc6 (v2.0-rc7 will followup soon)

Sven Gothel

Today we released v2.0-rc6,
it was a bit bumpy to get there.

I broke the binaries today for about 4 hours,
due to pack200 bug 5078608

BTW .. it seems that this pack200 bug was also triggered
w/ previous releases, at least RC5. Hence this release will
be safe for our deployment.

Further more we have a regression throwing a security exception
while trying to read property 'java.awt.headless' early on.
A fix is already on the way and will be published as rc7 ASAP.

Other than this .. I guess RC7 will be great :)

Cheers, Sven
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