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Release v2.0-rc8

Sven Gothel
'Hot-Fixes': JOGL: Windows Firefox and Chrome crashes, OSX Applet crashes for detached NEWT Window.

JOGL ChangeLog:
      Bug 577: Disable debug message XInitThreads() called (only enabled in native debug mode).
      WWW: Add GeoGebra; Prio JOGL2 usage
      WWW: Cleanup some descriptions, text alignment
      NEWT Input- Mouse-Event: Consitency of mouse button number; Add button -> button-mask func.
      Fix Bug 571: X11 behavior, where the PRESSED button is not included in the native mask.
      test scripts
      TestGearsES2NEWT: fullscreen/above toggle print fullscreen/above state always
      Bug 570: NEWT General/X11: Decouple setFullscreen() and setAlwaysOnTop(); Use window-static instances for runnable actions
      Bug 556: Newt Mouse Synthetic Drag Event: Clear state if mouse enters/leaves window.
      EGLGraphicsConfigurationFactory: Add 'unregisterFactory()' static entry allowing to remove EGL/ES based factory
      GLProfile/EGLDrawableFactory: Detect ANGLE (Windows D3D ES2 Emulation) and disable support per default.
      NEWT/WindowImpl: Make all 'action' class instances final; Action's init() determines whether it shall be executed.
      Fix Bug 560 and NEWT window closing behavior in general for all platforms.
      JOGLNewtAppletBase: Minor cleanup
      NEWT: Revert static/locked action instances due to possible deadlocks; class Window.ReparentAction -> enum Window.ReparentOperation
      Complete commit c9faebb8f8f6be4c0de4919a516b4692742bc13c: Use 'enum ReparentOperation' in test.
      NEWT API Change 'WindowClosingProtocol': Use 'enum WindowClosingMode' instead of static final int values.
      Test MovieCube: Allow recreation - Video is still not visible after recreation (detach window) on OSX (FF, Safari)
      NEWT/OSX: Fix occasional crash 'free of non allocated object' - change window order on main-thread.


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