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Share VBO between gl context

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Hi all,

I'm using the build jogl-2.0-pre-20100611-windows-i586.

I build VBO on a GL Context, then I create a pbuffer to render a shadow map.
In the pbuffer's GLEventListener.display method I call glBinVertexArray and the following error occurs.

glGetError() returned the following error codes after a call to glBindVertexArray(<int> 0x1): GL_INVALID_OPERATION ( 1282 0x502),

It looks like VBO are not shared between contexts. I tried to call

I tried to do it myself :

pbuffer = GLDrawableFactory.getFactory(gl.getGLProfile()).createGLPbuffer( caps, null, TEX_SIZE, TEX_SIZE, getContext());
WGL.wglShareLists(gl.getContext().getHandle(), pbuffer.getContext().getHandle());

wglShareLists returns FALSE.

- Should VBO be shared between context ?
- If not, how could I share VBO ?

Thanks for your help