Updated JogAmp GIT (Interface) .. and a bit more

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Updated JogAmp GIT (Interface) .. and a bit more

Sven Gothel
I updated the server tooling a little:
- apache2 suexec (security) and using fcgid (performance)
- git's gitweb -> cgit

CGIT: http://jogamp.org/cgit/

The old URL's http://jogamp.org/git/.* are redirected,
so our wiki entries etc shall find their way to the new cgit
See https://jausoft.com/cgit/gitweb_cgit_migration.git/

I will check-in the differences in jogamp-scripting soon.

In case some /git/ -> /cgit/ RewriteRule doesn't work,
please reply here .. may add a bugzilla entry.

Cheers, Sven