Win7/jogl2.0/com.jogamp.common.nio doesn't

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Win7/jogl2.0/com.jogamp.common.nio doesn't

Hi, I'm trying to build jogl 2.0 (I think so...) and when I run ant, it spams me with loads of errors like those:
-package com.jogamp.common.nio does not exit
-package com.jogamp.common.os does not exit
-symbol: class PointerBuffer (...) not found
-and symbol: Int64Buffer (...) not found

most (or all of them) located in gluegen\test\junit\generation\impl\

I really think I've installed and done everything I need to do before building this...

The end looks like this:
C:\jogl-1.1.1-windows-i586\jogamp\jogl\make\build.xml:33: The following error oc
curred while executing this line:
C:\jogl-1.1.1-windows-i586\jogamp\jogl\make\build-common.xml:345: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
C:\jogl-1.1.1-windows-i586\jogamp\gluegen\make\build.xml:700: The following erro
r occurred while executing this line:
C:\jogl-1.1.1-windows-i586\jogamp\gluegen\make\build-junit.xml:184: The followin
g error occurred while executing this line:
C:\jogl-1.1.1-windows-i586\jogamp\gluegen\make\build-junit.xml:103: Compile fail
ed; see the compiler error output for details.