crash in Java_com_jogamp_opencl_llb_impl_CLImpl_clBuildProgram0

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crash in Java_com_jogamp_opencl_llb_impl_CLImpl_clBuildProgram0


I am facing a jocl crash issue with clBuildProgram.
Important info : I am using RHEL6 64b and the latest nvidia driver for k20 (340.65)

When I build a kernel using jocl, the jvm crashes.
I have recompiled jocl to investigate where this comes from and I'm a bit stuck now so I turn to you guys.
it seems that the issue comes from the clBuildProgram function call in the JNI file.

Four interesting points :

1/ Building the same kernel with a plain old c program does not crash (same parameters passed to the driver)
2/ Building the same kernel with a plain old c program using dlopen and dlsym just like jocl does not crash either.
3/ The crash occurs only on 340.65, I have been able to downgrade to an older version (304.xx) and jocl works just fine.
4/ 340.65 works fine on windows

here is the stack before the crash :

#172 0x00007f10fdfca5c7 in NvCliCompileProgram () from /usr/lib64/
#173 0x00007f11271c20ac in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#174 0x00007f11271b64c5 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/
#175 0x00007f112c3bb8c9 in Java_com_jogamp_opencl_llb_impl_CLImpl_clBuildProgram0 ()

Any ideas on why this could happen ? Maybe it's a bug on the driver side, but if it's the case, I would like to be able to send them a reproduction case without jocl in the middle.

Thanks for your help, any ideas are welcome.

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Re: crash in Java_com_jogamp_opencl_llb_impl_CLImpl_clBuildProgram0

Wade Walker
Hi Bram,

I've created a bug entry for this at Could you add your failing kernel as an attachment? Then I'll trying compiling it on a few different systems and see what happens.