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Sven Gothel
git & cygwin issues

windows file properties/attributes

see for:


core.ignorecase _must_ be false or (missing)

ie ~/.gitconfig


cygwin SSH issues
so the current issue with git and cygwin is described here:

In short, the culprit is openssh,
ie using the git or http protocol instead of ssh it works.

It also works using a different ssh implementation
e.g. Putty:

I just followed what they write:

- Use the attached as the ssh client:
   export GIT_SSH=/home/sven/

  Make sure you edit and the above environment variable
  to reflect your user account. is inlined at the end of this email.

- Copy your putty private key to your home .ssh folder,
  or reference it directly (see

- Make sure the folder permissions are fine
        chmod -R go-rwx ~/.ssh
  .. or do it file by file, where at least the private
  keys are mode 0600.

- And start/use putty's pageant and:
  - Add your private key to it's keychain,
    you have to enter your passphrase here only once.

  - Make an initial connection to your destination
    (I guess guru) - so it learns the host keys/fingerprint,
   which you have to confirm.

Then .. it works :)



#! /bin/bash
set -x
/cygdrive/c/putty/plink.exe -v -l sven -i "c:\\cygwin\\home\\sven\\.ssh\\id_rsa.ppk" $*

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