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openal extensions patch

Hi Sven,

I'm sure you noticed, but I've attached the patch to this `bug' report:

The bug has most of the details.  Part of the reason I finally went to the pain to get it cleaned up and working was email i've attached to the end of this post.  Oh, and I forgot to mention in the bug: don't ask me what is up with the copyright jumping around in the openal-soft headers, I just thought it best to change them as little as possible and that's how they came this time.

BTW I am not using this extension in any code (nor will i for the foreseeable future), and I have no other test examples to test it against, so I have no idea if it even works now.  I'm sorry, i'm also not prepared to maintain this - the build system is way too slow and tedious amongst other things and i'll be glad to see the back of my small experience with it.

So if that's a condition for patch inclusion you can just throw it away if you want - i'm really not fussed either way.  Given that nobody's noticed this missing until this point, I don't think anyone else will be too disappointed either!


From: Chris Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 15:43:56 -0700

The AL_SOFT_direct_channels[1] and ALC_SOFT_loopback[2] extensions are now
considered complete, so OpenAL Soft's next release is getting close.

If anyone is able to test the latest Git version, it would be great to make
sure everything's working as expected. Double-check that it still works with
whatever OpenAL apps you happen to have. Of particular interest are the
PulseAudio, CoreAudio, MMDevAPI, OpenSL/Android, and SoundIO backends, as well
as HRTF. If you were waiting to use the new extensions, feel free to try them
out now.

If all goes well, I expect to have a release in about a week or two.

- Chris

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Re: openal extensions patch


I have just looked at your patch. Have you mixed it with another one you suggested earlier? Best regards
Julien Gouesse | Personal blog | Website
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Re: openal extensions patch

Xerxes Rånby
In reply to this post by notzed
Thank you Michael your work is now merged in JOAL.