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Re: Fail to compile gluegen-v2.0-rc2 ...
— by Wade Walker Wade Walker
jiapei100 wrote
 Could not launch gcc: Cannot run program "gcc"
It looks that if jogl is not put under the same folder as gluegen, to build gluegen will always produce the above quoted problem?
Yes, the instructions at say that gluegen and jogl must be side by side in the same folder or it won't work.

jiapei100 wrote
2) What if I remove the default antlr in gluegen/make/lib, and specify my own antlr in file gluegen/make/ ? I did this by specifying
, which continuously brought me the following errors:
C:\Users\peij\MyPrograms\Java\Eclipse\gluegen\make\build.xml:535: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\peij\MyPrograms\Java\Eclipse\gluegen\make\build.xml:142: ANTLR returned
: 1
This won't work because the ANTLR grammar file syntax changed between ANTLR version 2.7.x and 3.0. We would have to change gluegen's ANTLR grammar to the new 3.0 syntax to make this work.

jiapei100 wrote
3) Let me put the default antlr back in folder gluegen/make/lib, I can successfully build gluegen under Cygwin. However, jogl continued to be unable to be built successfully.
C:\Users\peij\MyPrograms\Java\Eclipse\jogl\make\build.xml:69: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\peij\MyPrograms\Java\Eclipse\jogl\make\build-nativewindow.xml:319: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.
This is probably due to some error in your environment setup. Are you following the instructions at exactly, in every detail? You can build with "ant -v" to get more information on this failure.

jiapei100 wrote
By the way, Walker, did u successfully build gluegen and jogl under Windows 7? If so, how, please?
I do what's in the instructions at, and it works fine. It sounds like you're trying to change the build in unusual ways. I would advise trying it according to the instructions at least once  Then, once you're sure it works, try altering the build.

jiapei100 wrote
How can I specify my own junit and antlr-3.3, without letting the build fail again and again?
As mentioned above, you can't use ANTLR 3.0+ unless you upgrade the syntax of gluegen's grammar.