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official announcements around JogAmp 4 11
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229 1020
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Everything related to JOGL, the Java Bindings to OpenGL - 1972 13728
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Everything related to JOCL, the Java Bindings to OpenCL - 176 895
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Everything related to JOAL, the Java Bindings to OpenAL - 31 249
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Everything related to GlueGen, the Java binding code generator. 38 219
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JogAmp's Java3D Continuation 182 1923
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general-purpose, professionally oriented, open source, scenegraph based 3D Java engine for desktop and embedded environments 28 308
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Dear Sir, When running the following code: public Canvas3D createCanvas3D(boolean offscreen) { GraphicsEnvironment e = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment(); GraphicsDevice d = e.getDefaultScreenDevice(); GraphicsConfigTemplate3D template = new ... 0 0
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