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Invalid values on the 1st execution
— by Abimael Abimael

    I noticed some kind of situation that occurs when I "open" my notebook and start working with my code.
    At night , I just closed it and it went in "suspend mode"..
    in the morning , I open it, go to Eclipse and run application that I had worked in the previous day .
   I got a lot of invalid values.. Like a "memory with invalid values". .. And I suppose they are, as they are the results of the buffer ..but,
I really expect the results of the CL program that I had executed previous day , as I did not and do not change the code..
   I had noticed several days.. I just got and get proper values when I change the CL code.. it seems that the program or the code does not recompile and does not build the program after a "suspension"..
   Hope I had explained the situation properly to see if anybody else has the same issue..

  thank in advance