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Re: Java3D now works with JOGL 2.0
— by gouessej gouessej
In my humble opinion, JMonkeyEngine 2 & 3 have a bigger community supporting them, JMonkeyEngine 3 has the best shader-based pipeline and an excellent Game Development Environment, Ardor3D has the best support of JOGL 2.0.

Java3D was used a lot in the past. It was a pain when it uses several ways to access hardware acceleration which is no more the case, I removed the support of Direct3D and the alternative access to OpenGL not from JOGL. Now, mixing JOGL and Java3D is possible, not only on Mac (which was the case in the past).

Ardor3D has a lack of documentation whereas there are thousands of examples using Java3D on the Web.

Java3D will only be another (very popular) option. I will go on advising the use of Ardor3D as it's faster and it has a lower memory footprint.

Sweethome still uses Java3D and its author is not yet ready to switch to another scenegraph. I prefer allowing him to go on using JOGL through Java3D.
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