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user events, CLEventList
— by notzed notzed
I noticed the forums are a bit quiet for a good few months, has Michael B moved on?

I have a problem regarding user events - although you can create them, wait on them and use them as an individual condition to another queued command, you cannot add them to an existing event list the way you can accumulate events for conditions as with the enqueue commands.

i.e. i want something like the internal CLEventList.createEvent() but to add a user event to the list.  Actually just a simple CLEventList.addEvent(CLEvent) which works more or less the same would do.

I can't just copy the populated event list and create another one with the new event added, as the event list is being populated via multiple calls from the level above, being passed by reference.

I want to be able to create a call graph, and have asynchronous java code participate in the sequencing transparently.

I suppose i'll have to write another patch ...