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Re: Java3D now works with JOGL 2.0
— by gouessej gouessej
I understand your position. If there is a real demand of an automated tool to convert Java3D code to Ardor3D, I will spend some time on it. I really want scientists to feel comfortable when using our APIs. Java3D has some design flaws; if we can't fix them, we will provide other solutions.

The hanging issue comes from a bug of AWT in Java 1.7 under Mac OS X, we can't fix it but ... Ardor3D works fine with NEWT, it is not concerned by this bug. JOGL 1.1.1a doesn't solve your problem, it would be even worse under Mac. I don't know if someone reported the real bug that causes the hanging issue. Anyway, please switch to the RC11, always use at least the latest release candidate. Maybe your freeze comes from another problem but I can't be sure until you switch to the RC11.
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