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Re: Request for testing on OSX 1.6.0-pre6 released
— by Manu Manu
hharrison wrote
I'll assume the booleanproperty spew is gone for you now as well?

hharrison wrote
So, what are the remaining problems (with Java3d 1.6) that would keep you from using it for all your deployments?
Many reasons in fact:
- Unless I'm obliged to, I prefer to wait for final releases and not put in production prerelease and release candidate versions.
- Java3D 1.6 / JOGL 2 still crashes under Windows run with Parallels Desktop. Maybe it's a driver issue in Parallels Desktop or the problem was already there with Java3D 1.5.2 run with JOGL 1.1, but as it's my standard Windows PC, I can't release something I can't regularly test myself successfully. And who knows how many users with old or not updated drivers would have similar issues? As Java 3D 1.6 relies only on OpenGL, I even won't be able to tell them to try with DirectX implementation anymore.
- Under Mac OS X, using only Java3D 1.6 would oblige me to drop support for Macs running with a PowerPC and/or Mac OS X 10.4 because only Java 5 exists on these computers and JOGL 2 doesn't support Java 5.
- Finally, as said in my previous message, I prefer to rely on Apple's Java 6 than on Oracle's Java 7 which is still too buggy to my taste. As Apple's Java 6 supports Java3D 1.5.2, I prefer to wait for the final release of Java3D 1.6 and JOGL 2 to use them, even if its support of antialiasing in offscreen images is a nice add-on. But don't worry, I'll use it in a future update of Sweet Home 3D. At this time, it will be for the applet run with Java 7 plug-in.
Emmanuel Puybaret