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Re: Roadmap 2.0.2 / SIGGRAPH 2013 Update
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 06/29/2013 12:40 PM, asambol [via jogamp] wrote:
> We have developed a HMI framework using Jogamp's JOGL2 at DOK-ING ltd. You can
> check it out here:

Looks impressive .. nice design.

> Our solutions our used in automotive (instrument cluster for our electric
> vehicle) and industrial (machine control, telemetry) applications. If you're
> interested in mentioning us at SIGGRAPH, we could provide extra information /
> slides / videos.

Of course.

If you be so kind to provide the following:

- A little description and a 160x[120-160] image for
  I assume it's for 'Utilities, ..'

- 2-3 Slides introducing yourself, your mission and
  reflecting the list as described in:

  It would be best to have a demo available:
  - Android app installed on our tablet(s) and/or phone(s)
  - Desktop Applet / Application

  .. or a movie in 720p

  Your section should be within 2-3 minutes,
  which is alot to emphasize the above and to show the demo.

  The show is recorded and all materials will be publicly available.

If you are onsite - you are more than welcome to perform
your show yourself - of course!

Sorry .. I could not find an online or downloadable demo
on your website ..

Thank you!

Warm greetings, Sven

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