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  Subject    : Re: Where can I get sources
  Message-ID : <[hidden email]>
  Date & Time: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 03:53:09 -0700 (PDT)

Xerxes Rånby [via jogamp] <[hidden email]> has written:

> The sources found in the GIT is used to build all the jogamp projects. During
> the build process some new sources are generated by gluegen like the opengl
> bindings.
> Use the GIT sources if you want to contribute to the jogamp project.

> When JogAmp produces a binary release that passes all the test, we package the
> binaries created by the autobuild system and then create a new git tag marking
> the sources used to produce the tested binaries. The git tags is the source
> release!

Yes, I see.
But I haven't got an idea for getting the git source with v2.0.2 tag.
Any hint?

> The sources found inside the jogamp-all-platforms.7z "binary release" is
> intended to be used by developers who wants to connect javadoc and sources to
> their favourite IDE. These source bundles contains all the generated binding
> source produced by gluegen.
> Setting_up_a_JogAmp_project_in_your_favorite_IDE

I see.


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