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There are already this (in a bug report) and that (under GPL v2).

I like your idea of using the prefix in the zipfileset. Moreover, you don't include too much things, good job :) Maybe you can use a single line for gluegen-rt.jar and jogl-all.jar by putting several filters into "includes".

Edit.: Why not including all .class files instead of filtering on the package names?
Edit.2: I would be glad to know whether you could be interested by the native packaging tool that I have to create to replace Java Web Start. It is intended to create native installers from JARs, a single fat JAR isn't necessary. I plan to use Red Line for RPMs, jpkg for DEBs, appbundler for APPs and Apache POI for MSIs. The 3 first ones are already ready to be used with Ant. Apache POI handles the structured file format of MSI files but nothing really specific to the MSI installers unlike Wix.
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