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Forum improvement
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I think the jogl forum is not that good as it should be. My suggestion born from here

I strongly believe a better forum would:

- improve the readability

- improve the understanding of the different interventions

- help spreading the jogl platform

- improve the forum usability though better quote, multiquote, thanks to the author of a post, link for going to the first unread message, a much nicer good looking, (better) supports for code, quote, links, images, videos, etc etc.

I say this because I use and love jogl, so helping make it better is all in my interest :)

I guess one open source software forum is best solution, here some options

Personally I would go on the phpbb, since it looks the most used, it should have also the best documentation and community out there. And of course it seems having all the most wanted features..

This is their website

and here you can try the demo

user and pwd: administrator

What do you think, guys?

Other very interesting option are:

-, they even won the People's Choise Award for Best Forum Software 2013,, I like it also a lot



Ps: following this tips I get 3 options: FluxBB, PunBB and Vanilla Forums

If we look on the paid option, the 1st one in absolute is invisionPower

Otherwise a lot of people I read they suggest also Xenforo