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Canvas3D disappears when resizing JComponets on Windows10
— by ThomasR ThomasR
Hi All,

Resizing a JFrame alone, or a JPlitPane,  frequently causes the Canvas3D to disappear - only
an empty grey component is visible. I'm using the most recent Java3D1.6 and most recent version
of jogl (2.3.2) with Java8.

I tried to use some older versions of my software which uses Java7 with older versions of Java3d1.6
and jogl and the problem remains. It's as if the Canvas3D doesn't get an event to paint itself when
the JFrame is resized. No exeptions or core dumps occur afaik.

Interesting that if a mouse event most of the time will wake up the Canvas3d and it reappears.
A request to render something new in the display will also bring the Canvas back and everything works
as expected.

When the component is grey, NetBeans shows that all threads are "running" including all of the J3D threads.