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— by ThomasR ThomasR
Thank you for the clarification and background on NEWT.

gouessej wrote
You're not accurate enough about OS X. Numerous end users still run the obsolete Apple JRE, even Apple discourages its use, JogAmp isn't responsible for poor OpenGL drivers.
My apologies, I thought the Apple was completely done with Java starting with Mavericks. I understand JogAmp is not responsible for drivers, but I didn't know that Nvidia, AMD don't supply drivers for OS X like they do for Windows and Linux.

gouessej wrote
I remind you that Java3D 1.3 + JOGL 1 are still installed by default under OS X 10 which can cause some conflicts and crashes with Java3D 1.6 but not with Java3D 1.7.0
Even if an app bundles Java,Java3D and JOGL? Perhaps the crashes will cease if I convert to Java3D 1.7.0. I had crashes on OS X with Java3D 1.6.0pre12 using jogl2.3.1, but when I switched to 2.3.2 the problem went away.