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Crash on Macos using Java 9
— by rchimiak rchimiak

Dear Sir,


When running the following code:


    public Canvas3D createCanvas3D(boolean offscreen) {


        GraphicsEnvironment e = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment();

        GraphicsDevice d = e.getDefaultScreenDevice();

        GraphicsConfigTemplate3D template = new GraphicsConfigTemplate3D();

        GraphicsConfiguration c = d.getBestConfiguration(template);



        Canvas3D c3d = new Canvas3D(c, offscreen);

        return c3d;



Using jdk-9.0.1 (latest) , jogl v2.3.2, and java3d 1,6,0-final

Works well on Windows and Linux, but crashes on Mac  OS X at GraphicsConfiguration c = d.getBestConfiguration(template);

Debugging with latest Netbeans, it seems that the Override of   


getBestConfiguration(GraphicsConfiguration[] gc) in GraphicsConfigTemplate3D returns null.


Added information: it works on all platforms using latest and earlier versions of java 8 and java 7. 

Thank you for your consideration,  please let me know if there is something else  I should be sending you or trying on my side.  I was trying to avoid going to java 3d 1.7 due to the package name change, but if needs be…



Reine Chimiak