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— by Arvid Arvid
Hello Julien,

ok, it was a little more as 10 years. ;-)
I have to admit that I'm not a 3D professional. My project is a hobby project,
although I hope it will be more popular when it's done. :-)

I started with Java3D back then and found Aviatrix3D because it fits better with my project.
It is not a 3D application like a game, but a kind of modular system for 3D applications like games.

With the then eclipse RCP version, I had little contact with JOGL.
Aviatrix has covered it nicely. There were eclipse plugins for Aviatrix3D.

With webfrontend I mean a REST API based (thin) client application.
I have not started with it yet, but think of GWT or Angular2.

I have a little more experience with OSGI because I am also interested in IOT.
Here in Germany OSGI is also gladly used by companies.
With Jingsaw (Java 9) I have not worked yet.

I still have a lot of catching up to do with the actual content in my project
and want to use relatively future-ready technologies to focus on what's important to me.

I understand better now how everything fits together.
But I still have enough understanding problems :-(

But first I will try a solution with NewtCanwasAwt.
I hope Aviatrix3D will work with it  ... At least it should be unaffected!(???)

Kind regards, Arvid