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Re: Parallel Execution or Computation on GPU using JOGL.
— by Xerxes Rånby Xerxes Rånby
OpenGL supports parallel execution in one application in several forms:

Parallelism inside one GLWindow  using GLSL Shaders. A GLSL pixel shader
is run in parallel for each pixel by the GPU hardware. The GLSL shader is
sent in text form using the OpenGL API to the GPU driver for compilation.

Hardware supporting OpenGL 4.3 and later can use Compute Shaders for more
general purpose calculations on the GPU
here is one example using JOGL and compute shaders:

Multiple OpenGL windows. If your application uses more than one GLWindow
then you can render more than one image in parallel. Each GLWindow will use
the JOGL GLAutoDrawable API. You can use one Animator for each GLWindow.
The OpenGL code defined in the class that implements the GLAutoDrawable
instructs what each GLWindow will render.

2018-04-12 8:30 GMT+02:00 Manjunatha Bhat [via jogamp] <>:

> I Would like Know about the is JOGL Supports the  Parallel Execution or
> Computation on GPU .if Yes. How to Achieve that?Please give Simple Example
> for parallel Execution .It helps to Understand the parallel Execution using
> JOGL .if is there any Resource  related to this concept please attached
> with the Answer.Any Suggestion is Appreciable. Thank you.
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