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— by Xerxes Rånby Xerxes Rånby
This article describe how microsoft thinks developers should deal with DPI awareness on windows. There is no silver bullet. most of the DPI aware API's are not available on all windows versions.

How windows handle DPI cause unexpected user experience for many opengl frameworks.

what really complicate it is that different opengl drivers (nvidia and intel) has bugs that only appear when trying to use the DPI aware api's.
example images on how one opengl application can behave differently depending on the opengl driver in combination wih DPi settings.

thus a potential fix needs to take in account
A: all windows versions. a fix need to work for both when DPI aware APIs are available and when DPI aware apis are missing all depending on the windows version.
B: we do not know all driver bugs, we need to add workaround for each driver when the bug is identified

thus if you want to help fix DPI on windows you can work on extending a junit testcase that break with your driver and windows version.

2018-05-15 18:50 GMT+02:00 nickreserved [via jogamp] <[hidden email]>:
I have my doubts that you are wrong. I am not so sure by the way.
I believe there is no detail sacrifice.
Just bigger fonts.
Certainly some gui bitmaps upscaled without more detail. But fonts rendered bigger and they are vector graphics.

The point is that in my 4K monitor I must have 150% upscaling.
With 150% upscaling, JOGL getters return smaller surface dimensions but rendering happens in physical dimensions, and there is no conversion between them.

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