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JOGL 2.3.3 state of progress
— by gouessej gouessej
Good evening

I know that some people have been waiting for the next maintenance release of JOGL for months or even years. I was personally unable to make a aggregated build with the current system. Moreover, as Github was bought by Microsoft, I decided to stop using it, I could no longer contribute to JOGL.

The most annoying bugs concern the latest version(s) of Mesa under GNU Linux, some warnings under OS X as some things should be done only on the main thread, the crash with Java >= 1.9 and OS X when releasing some resources, easing the use of Java >= 1.9 by adding some exports and following some conventions to make JOGL more module-friendly and the HiDPI support under Windows. Most of them should be fixed in JOGL 2.3.3 but some of them might be fixed in another maintenance release (JOGL 2.3.4?) or in JOGL 2.4.0.

As I don't want this situation to go on any longer, I will make a single build by manually aggregating builds done on three different operating systems and I will use Sourceforge instead of Github. To me, Sourceforge isn't great but I know it better than Gitlab and I use it only because my own server cannot safely be used now to host our source code.

For now, I'll do my changes on my repositories on Sourceforge and the other contributors (Harvey? Xerxes?) will copy them (except the changes done to make the stuff work on Sourceforge, i.e renaming some sub-modules) into JogAmp's repositories on Github and

I started copying the repositories Tuesday October 9th 2018. I succeeded in building Gluegen Wednesday October 10th 2018.

What's the plan?
- Succeed in building JOAL and JOGL (Wade already takes care of JOCL, doesn't he?)
- Test and put numerous fixes into my repositories (write unit tests when it is possible too)
- Upload a very first release candidate as soon as possible

How can you help me?
The 2 Giuseppe, gohai and some others suggested a lot of fixes, don't hesitate to make some suggestions too. It would be fine if some people could help me to build JOGL under Microsoft Windows and under OS X (jmaasing?) until I can do it by myself. As the bug tracker is still not working, I might ask some of you to remind me the patches we put into it, I remember at least one bug under OS X has a working patch in its bug report.

If you want to give it a try, you can start by cloning my repository for Gluegen:
git clone --recurse-submodules gluegen
git clone joal
git clone jogl

Of course, your help and your encouragements are very welcome.

By the way, JOGL rocks and it's up to us to make sure it will rock in 2019 :)

N.B: I'm not Santa Claus. Don't expect me to make a new Java binding for the Vulkan API or to host a brand new forum. Please concentrate on fixing the bugs.

P.S: I succeeded in building JOAL and JOGL Tuesday October 16th 2018 :)
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