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Re: JOGL 2.3.3 state of progress
— by Mabula Haverkamp Mabula Haverkamp
Dear Wade,

I was already using the unoffical release of Julien, the jogamp-fat.jar which I need for ati graphics cards on Linux.

Currently, new Linux mesa drivers on Linux, again with ati cards, trigger a new bug on jogl, OpenGL can't be initialized... and I read that apparently this is fixed in your repository? And my MacOS users indeed have seen warning messages...

To add, the jogamp-fat.jar has a problem with loading the native libraries on a Windows 7 machine of one my customers, which I think can be easily fixed if the native library deployment is done differently. Now it runs a jogamp_exe_xxxxxx.exe (self extracting archive I assume? I haven't checked ) which can't complete on the user's machine (probably due to some security setting somewhere, which the customer can't find). Even elevating my application to run with admin rights does not solve this and it shouldn't off course.

So I am interested to see if your jogl release works better and has solutions for these problems. Does it? Or are my hopes in vane?

If i can get instructions on how to load your repository in eclipse, I would even try to have a look myself in the jogl code to see if I can help/contribute?

Kind regards,