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— by Bernhard Kilger Bernhard Kilger

Thank you,

it would be fine if you could watch the problem and tell me when your colleague will be well and back again.

The access to JOGL is rather important for me. I'm working on a java application to simulate a chemical construction kit. The program will accept a random set of atoms and chemical bonds between them (in graphics represented by spheres and cylindrical sticks) and show the structure in a 3D stereoscopical manner. The application works already in a rudimentary version, which I like to power up to Windows 64 Bit to (possibly) achieve even better performance. This is the point where I got compatibility problems and tried to go back to the Jogl roots. Therefore, access to is necessary for me

Best regards

Bernhard Kilger.


Am 16.03.2019 um 22:48 schrieb Wade Walker [via jogamp]:
I'm not sure what's going on with the site either :( I'm not in regular communication with Sven these days, unfortunately, and he set up all the infrastructure.

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