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— by Mabula Haverkamp Mabula Haverkamp
Hi Wade,

Thank you for your response.

I produce a commercial image processing application for Astrophotography:

And this application is available for my customers on Windows, Linux and MacOS (64bits)
So, yes, some of my customers are still on Windows 7, which i can fully understand. I build the windows version on windows 10, but it has been frustrating several times whereas windows 7 was rocksolid in experience.

Simply said, my application depends on JOGL and I wish that I could get access to a more updated version with some bug fixes.

If it is the only option, at the moment, I would need to build jogl on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
I have experience with compiling libraries using Msys2, so perhaps I can try?

Having said this, JOGL's website has been offline now for several days and the latest official release is old. It does feel like that investing more time and building more reliance on JOGL might not be a smart thing to do... no offence to you or Julian, you have been most helpfull, but the current state of affairs is not convincing to use, keep using, let alone start using JOGL for any project.

It would be helpfull to start with if a clear update on the main JOGL website is placed regarding the state of affairs and what we can expect going forward.

Kind regards,