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— by Malte Malte
Hey Sven,

wow - what a quick response.

You are right, I was quite imprecise - but you still guessed it right ;-)

I think this will do what I need - I just did not think of the word "handle" for the thing I was looking for.

Just as an info: What I basically want to do: Use gstreamer, which has a (i think quite experimental) glupload plugin, that can copy video streams into an opengl texture. By sharing the context with that plugin, and using JOGL + java-gstreamer, it should be possible to bring the whole media world to java+opengl.

But at the moment, I am trying to hack some kind of prototype together, to see if this is REALLY possible. And that's the reason why so "stupid" questions come up ;-) ...

Thanks for the help ... Thumps up!