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A few minor website niggles
— by xinaesthete xinaesthete

I just noticed that some of the links on the main navigation bar on (and possibly some other pages) point to the wrong places, eg rather than, similar for blog links from that page.

Also, you might think about adding a little padding to images (in particular on the jogl showcase)... and I notice that chrome complains about 'unmatched  tags' on that page.

Finally, I notice from my console there seem to be several xss-related errors from the way nabble scripts interact on forum pages (eg "Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL from frame with URL;cid=xxx. Domains, protocols and ports must match.").  Still, seems to be basically working fine.  I guess you didn't do anything particularly unusual in embedding Nabble, so maybe it's their problem.

So, nothing show stopping, should all be easy enough to address when anyone has a moment.

Now, having told you what you should do with your site, perhaps I should address some of the problems pointed out by a client of mine on a site I made...  :)