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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On Thursday, July 22, 2010 03:39:30 am Demoscene Passivist [via jogamp] wrote:

> For a basic overview of modern GUI architectures u could take a look here:
> In the end most modern GUI system use some or all of these base concepts.
> Other than that threading in general is a major problem in all GUI
> architectures. This gives u a hint about the whole mess:
> Regarding NEWT I'm not aware of any complete documentation, but the API is
> quite similar to AWT so more or less "self-explanatory". If u are
> specifically looking for the performance issues with AWT and why NEWT solves
> this issue u should take a look here:
> As far as I'm informed one of the motivations for creating a new window
> toolkit for JOGL was the fact that AWT is no longer developed by Sun. It's
> in maintenance mode since many years. Another motivation was the above
> mentioned locking issue wich is quite bad for performance in some
> environments.

Plus we wanted to have a very simple windowing toolkit only API
which can be implemented on mobile/embedded platforms as well,
without the need of 2D graphics - which is provided by OpenGL/JOGL for example.

> Hope these infos help a little bit ...
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